Celebrity Boxing: Charles Okocha Alleges Rigging, Demands Rematch against Portable

Famous skit maker, Charles Okocha, aka Igwe Tupac has alleged that he was rigged out of victory in the celebrity boxing match in which he squared against singer, Habib Okikiola, aka Portable. 

The bout, which was held on Tuesday, December 26 at Landmark Beach in Victoria Island, was sanctioned by Heritage Boxing Entertainment. 

The fight started after 1 am and lasted for three rounds, about 40 minutes after which Portable was declared winner of the celebrity boxing fight. 

However, Igwe Tupac was having none of it as he accused the referee of bias and of rigging the match in favour of Portable. He said that his opponent took his gloves off signalling that he had given up. 

“How can you give up on the 3rd round when we have 4 rounds, How do you take off your gloves on the 3rd round that’s total disqualification when the fight hasn’t ended. Y’all know this shiiiït was rigged plus an incompetent REFREEE that knows nothing about boxing rules…nevertheless we move. Rematch soon,” the actor wrote. 

Some weeks back, the duo were at loggerheads, calling each other out on social media when after Portable alleged contractual issues. 

This led them to engage in an online feud over an alleged N40m rip-off. Portable claimed Okocha cheated him out of the money, only sending him a small amount, contrary to a contractual agreement. 

The boxing match was a fallout of the saga. 

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