My Marital Issues, Exclusion As An Actor, Got Me Depressed For A Long Time – Emeka Ike Reveals

Nollywood veteran actor, Emeka Ike recently disclosed that he underwent a prolonged period of depression, faced challenges in his marriage, and encountered conflicts with colleagues within the Nollywood industry, which account for his extended absence from the screen.

In a recent interview on the show “Rubbin’ Minds,” broadcast on Channels Television on Sunday and hosted by media personality Hero Daniels, Emeka Ike opened up about his struggles, expressing that the depression stemmed from marital issues, leading him to conceal himself due to the shame associated with his perceived shortcomings.

It’s worth noting that his marriage officially ended on July 13, 2015, following allegations of constant battery, leading to its dissolution by a Lagos Island Customary Court.

When questioned about his reduced involvement in movie projects, Emeka Ike attributed it to the industry’s shift from VCD to larger screens, which affected the demand for his skills.

He mentioned that he, along with other colleagues who have faded from the spotlight, were not included in the transition.

Additionally, Emeka Ike disclosed that during his hiatus, his life was in danger as he faced threats from assassins and gunmen without any apparent reason.

In the course of the interview, Hero Daniels inquired about how Emeka Ike managed to overcome his challenging experiences and make a comeback. In response, he shared his journey of resilience and recovery.

When you realize that they’re actually after you for who you are, you ask yourself, ‘What do I do next?’. I just kept doing the things I needed to do properly. I kept working on myself to be who I am now.

Emeka Ike has re-entered the Nollywood scene, showcasing his presence in the industry by participating in an upcoming movie titled ‘Malaika,’ which is spearheaded by Toyin Abraham.

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