Obasanjo Joins Murtala Muhammed’s Daughter To Commemorate Her 60th Birthday At Orphanage

Former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has joined daughter of his late boss and former Head of State, Gen. Murtala Muhammed, Dr. Aisha Muhammed-Oyebode with her family to celebrate her 60th birthday anniversary at the Treasure of Love Missionaries Orphanage last Sunday.

Obasanjo was the second in command to Murtala Muhammed and subsequently took over when the late Head of State was assassinated in a failed coup on February 13,1976 in Lagos.

The former President Special Assistant on Media, Kehinde Akinyemi in a release hinted that Obasanjo’s visit of the orphanage, Treasure of Love Missionary Orphanage, Alapere, Lagos, barely hours to new year was a great period for sober reflection and an opportunity to change for good.

During the visit, the country’s former leader, who is also Chairman of the Murtala Muhammed Foundation commended Dr. Aisha Muhammed-Oyebode for selecting such a meaningful place to celebrate her diamond birthday anniversary.

Accompanied by his daughter, Dr. Kofo Blackshire and her family, who were spending Christmas with him, they toured the facility, gaining insights into the positive impact of the Foundation’s work.

Dr. Aisha Muhammed-Oyebode, a distinguished human rights advocate and CEO of the Murtala Muhammed Foundation, in a compelling message, said there was an  the urgent need to dismantle barriers obstructing peaceful negotiations and enhance the protection of women and children in conflict zones. She reiterated her unwavering commitment to justice, women empowerment, and global development issues.

In a poignant gesture, she dedicated her diamond birthday anniversary to the memory of the remaining 91 Chibok girls, the five Dapchi girls who tragically lost their lives, and the unreleased Leah Sharibu, expressing solidarity with their parents in their enduring agony.

Dr. Muhammed-Oyebode emphasized the significance of shedding light on critical global issues during her 60th year, as she remains steadfast in her mission to advocate for a world where the rights and dignity of every individual, particularly women and children, are protected and upheld.

In invoking the spirit of empathy and compassion, Dr. Muhammed-Oyebode calls on the global community to join hands in creating a future where peace and security prevail and where the suffering of innocent lives is alleviated.

Drawing inspiration from her late father, General Murtala Muhammed, she invoked his historic “Africa has come of age” speech, urging all Nigerians to overcome challenges and eliminate barriers obstructing the country’s and the continent’s greatness.

Her message echoed her father’s vision, emphasizing the collective responsibility to tackle corruption, insecurity, and governance issues for Nigeria to flourish.

Dr. Aisha Muhammed-Oyebode expressed sincere gratitude to President Obasanjo for making the day memorable for her and her family, even at short notice.

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