PMS Leadership In Oyo State: Evidence Of Inclusive And Sustainable Growth

A clear vision backed by definite plans gives a tremendous feeling of confidence. When Governor Seyi Makinde’s administration came up with the idea of the ark Management System (PMS), some clowns disguised as the opposition called it an audio initiative but for the first time in the history of Nigeria the PMS is proving to be one of the smartest ways for IGR.

Governor Seyi Makinde’s administration is bringing the future of the state into the present, the way and manner Oyo governor made organization of thoughts into ideas and plans are highly significant in Nigeria. The good transformation of those ideas into reality is shown in Oyo State.

PMS which is the acronym for the Oyo State Park Management System was initiated by Governor Makinde in Nigeria, towards the end of his first tenure of office, Governor Makinde assured Oyo State residents that his administration is set to improve transportation to meet up with the international standard.

The reality about transportation is that it is future-oriented. If we are planning for what we have, we are behind the curve and this is one of the reasons why Governor Seyi Makinde wants the future of the transport sector in the state to have a new touch.

When the Park Management System (PMS) was launched in Oyo State early in 2020, not many were willing to believe in the idea.

Today, the PMS idea has become a toast of many states. Lagos, Ekiti, and Ondo states have fully launched their versions of PMS, a clear vindication of Makinde as the man who saw tomorrow, as far as the management of the parks is concerned.With the new leadership of PMS in Oyo State, headed by a gentle giant, Alhaji Tomiwa Omolewa fondly called Tommy.

It is the responsibility of his leadership to put a monitoring system in place, analyze the data that is being generated during the implementation and make any necessary changes to make the implementation more efficient. Omolewa has set benchmarks as well as key performance indicators that will enable him to operate effectively in the office.

The new park management committee in Oyo State has Baba Bola as secretary, and also includes Alhaji Tajudeen Jimoh, Deputy Chairman; Kamardeen Idowu, Oyo RTEAN Chairman as Treasurer; Tirimisiyu Olowoposi, Financial Secretary; Abass Amolese, Organising Secretary; and Alhaji Hamidu Mustapha Were, Auditor, with Alhaji Abideen Ejiogbe, First Vice Chairman; Ganiyu Mojeed, First Trustee; Alhaji Musa Alubankudi, Second Trustee, Alhaji Rahman Akinsola Tokyo, Second Auditor; and Alhaji Wasiu Emiola, Public Relations Officer.

These are men of experience in their chosen field, we now have a well-regulated system with chairmen, and unit heads who acted and controlled the activities of what goes on at the parks, and there is less violence in our parks with rules and regulations.

Any businessman will tell you that transportation is fundamental to success.Kudos should be given to the Governor of Oyo State for having a good vision towards this sector, bearing in mind that modern terminals around the city have already made the state a beautiful outlook, provided jobs, solve the problem of insecurity, and boost the IGR of the state.

Alhaji Tomiwa Omolewa-led committee has had a significant impact on the strategic management process of our parks, his experience will help him to determine the vision and mission of the park management system, and he will also use his wisdom to facilitate the committee members to execute effective strategies to achieve that vision.

While their activities are being monitored by the state government, the committee is also set to be a collaborator, risk manager, change driver, and decision maker, the government will be the guide, change enabler, and evaluator.

The new leadership of PMS under Alhaji Tomiwa Omolewa is a body of responsible and law-abiding individuals committed to maintaining peace and order, residents of the state have also shown gratitude to Governor Makinde for fulfilling his promise on the leadership of PMS in Oyo State.

With the emergence of the new committee for the park management system, the IGR of the state will be improved, also there is full integration and interest protection among members of the transport union which has enhanced the customer/commuters journey with the provision of the unified procedure.

This new committee focuses on sound inspiration, creating sustainable and inclusive growth, featuring collaborative networks of self-managing teams that operate in rapid cycles and focus on creating value for the stakeholders.

Moving from an era of individual leaders to an era of networked leadership teams that will steer the PMS as the Governor suggested that a high-performing leadership team will always outperform the capabilities of individuals.

This new committee under the leadership of Alhaji Tomiwa Omolewa has a clear purpose and focus, to benefit all stakeholders by enabling people to work and learn together to build and operate a continually evolving system that will create value for the good people of Oyo State.Bashorun Saintabey is a senior member of GSM Advocates

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